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Adrian meets... Christopher Walken
Short film
13 minutes, 5 seconds

Lana the Goth: Romance is Dead
Short film
10 minutes, 44 seconds

Short film
6 minutes, 24 seconds

Directed by
Mark G. McFarlane

Edited by
Jimmi Johnson

The Takening
Short film
3 minutes, 33 seconds

AKA: "Abduction Antics"

Looking back on alot of the older films I made it struck me that I hadn't made a visual effects heavy short film like Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin in a long assed time. It seemed as though of late I had been making a lot of films where people talk a bit and then do something. Which is all well and good but I wanted to make something fucked up with alien abduction in.

So I filmed this beast.

Taking advantage of Juliets pink hair I decided to play her as a punk in this film (as opposed to a goth like in most of the others) and we shot the bulk of the film during a Sunday afternoon. Then about another hour for the last few shots in the bedroom. More than anything else with this film I was into the idea of only filming what I needed as i'd just come off of editing Lana the Goths New Perversion and had become utterly sick of the excess in shots I had been using.

Editing was fairly straight forward and was definitely all the more heightened from having recently cut together "Trautman" (a different project that's not as entirely my own) and as such was completed quickly. The compositing posed a little more of a challenge but it's not an interesting story so I will move forwards swiftly.

When I was finished editing I handed over the complete film to my good friend Mark McFarlane (whom I edited "Trautman" for) who then was goodly enough to compose the music you hear within this film. Thus making this film seem very money to me.

Having recieved the music and putting it in place I then spent a painful 3 hours making sound effects. I have a disdain for over familiarity in films and as such I had to create my own sound effects for the flying saucer and various other inserted audio clips. But i'm fairly pleased with how they ended up.

Now that it's all over with i'm pleased as punch with how it's turned out, but I now need to spend about a month away from the film to properly appreciate it again.

The Spence McFarlane Eruption
in Stop it! You're Killing Me!

Short film
7 minutes, 1 second

AKA: "The Woods Are Alive With the Sound of Screaming!", "The Unsettling"

I had this class project where I had to express my understanding of generic conventions. We were allowed to do any kind of project we wanted for this. Some did essays, others websites, radio shows, photography etc. The key to alot of this is that it would probably have been schrewd not to do something to time consuming as we have alot of projects on the go.

But goddamnit I didn't care, I'm a film maker and theres no way that i'd pass up an excuse to make something. As such this film had an EXTREMELY fast turn around. I wrote it about a week before we were to shoot it, back then it was set in the woods and alot more about it made sense - but the day before we were to film Mark broke his toe, so the morning before we shot I quickly re-wrote the script to take place indoors... with strange results.

The filming itself went very well - which I guess is part of the benefit if 3 of the actors also intend to direct - idea's came thick and fast and alot of the staging became more and more elaborate as we worked our way through rehearsing. Which was nice, we wound up shooting it in about 4 or 5 hours, it took me about 8 hours to edit over 2 days. But alot of that time was spent cropping other peoples music to fit into the film.

The reason theres a part in the film that says "Scene Missing Baby" is because I kind of realised that Spence got bloodied up for no reason about half way through the story. In the version set in the woods he was bloody from falling into a blood puddle and from getting all scratched and fucked up by bushes and brambles. But that didn't happen in this film. So in my mind I have figured out what happened in the missing scene... and it goes something like this...

A beckoning female voice calls to Spence in the shower cubicle, intrigued he leaves the safety of the glass cage and makes his way to a mysterious door. Upon opening it he steps into a dark room, turning on the light he finds the room filled with taxidermy experiments and several nude and bloodied up women - approaching one of them it falls ontop of him gooshing blood into his face. Freaking out he brushes the corpse off of himself and rushes to depart the room, noticing a poster for muffins on his way out.

Meanwhile Alex begins to investigate the house, idly finding a phone and about to call for help Ren appears with a shock cue

That's how it went down... I kind of like the make believe missing scene so much that I want to remake the film in an old house and put it in too make it all spooky like.

In the end I am properly proud of this film, I know it's got alot of flaws and loopholes... like why don't they just leave the house? why isn't Ren effected by the gas? So on and so forth... but damnit I don't care. It's something I'm proud of.

Valentines Day for Lana the Goth
Short film
4 minutes, 44 seconds

I'm so proud of this film. In spite of the fact that Youtube squashed the widescreen image it still hold's up.

Of all the film's i've made this one benefitted the most from the fact that Juliet (my girlfriend) can actually act. I wrote a distinctly average script that Juliet and I wound up changing throughout, we decided to focus on a scene a day and we'd spend an hour or so rehearsing the dialogue and changing things for the better to make them sound more natural.

In term's of the filming style I wanted to avoid my habit of not knowing what I actually want in a scene and running around the place like a headless chicken to try and capture ANYTHING that could be used. For this reason I tried to make alot of the scene's work in long take's where I could let the emotion's come out. This also helped with the editing as I didn't get tempted to chop backward's and forward's for no good reason.

Still not everything about this film worked to begin with, there were ALOT of thing's I cut out. For one at one point in the film Lana meet's Death. We set up a high powered light and a fan to create the effect of a portal being opened between world's for Lana's side of thing's. However the Death puppet looked like a mask with a Jacket on (which it was). But being that it wasn't necessacary to the plot and that it looked so crummy I decided to chop that fucked out. Still if you're curious at how bad he looked - he's in the end credit's all for a second.

I wound up using Portishead entirely for the score. I had always kind of liked Portishead and truth be told I was surprised at how well the music went to the film. Without editing alot of the music fit the action almost perfectly - and when that kind of sychronicity happen's it's difficult to resist going with it.

As of the 20th of April 2007 i'm still working on a sequel to this film, I just don't know how the fuck i'm going to do it and stay true to the character without it being a direct repeat of this film or a caricature of the original.

Ah, I don't take this stuff THAT seriously, I just hope I can come up with something as entertaining as I find this one.

The Hitch-Hikening
Short film
2 minutes, 33 seconds

AKA: "Black Coffee", "Lana the Goth V.S. Sasha the Goth", "When Goth's Collide"

This film came about for a variety of reasons. First and foremost my good friend Haley was visiting from the States and being that i'm a vicious bastard I make anyone who visits act in my films (Haley was all the female voices in "The Xmas Sentinel"). Of course having her be around for a short period of time meant that a big huge crazy shoot was out of the question - so being that Juliet had a car now I figured "Doi, lets shoot it in her car".

So all the dialogue was filmed in about an hour (in a carpark), we pretty much ran through the whole script in each take (In retrospect I should have done better with the writing) but it came out pretty good and we wrapped Haley (so to speak). About a week later Juliet and myself went out and about filming the car driving about - i'd made a basic list of shots I needed to get for it so it was fairly straight forward - and there it was - all the footage I needed.

As it goes this film was going to be part of a bigger film but being that all my films are fairly short to begin with - a 5 minute film with this single 2 and a half minute scene was just going to overwhelm it - so I kind of figure this works as it is by itself. Nothing really happens but in a sense I kind of dug the idea that this is kind of a snap shot of someones life at this moment. As though Lana the Goth really exists and when she's not chopping up her boyfriends she kind of drives about and picks up hitch-hikers.

Once again in retrospect I should maybe have had Lana try to run Sasha over at the end...

Also for the record there was going to be a lot more Adrian Fosbearry in this film as well... it was going to basically open up with Adrian saying "Hey Lana lets pick up that hitch-hiker... it could be fun", then Sasha sits on him for the bulk of the running time until at the end she leaves and Adrian is all like "Her Pussy smelt like death"... or something like that. But being that i'm a dunce I didn't get any of the footage with Lana talking to Adrian, and simply put I couldn't be arsed to go get it.

I like this film. I tried to open it up more than "Saturday Mourning" by trying to show more of the outside world... but in the process I guess I did just wind up making another film where a couple of people sit around talking for minutes on end.

I'm to sleepy to know how to end this commentary so i'm just going to stop.

Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin
Short film
3 minutes, 25 seconds

This one time I was talking to a friend of mine (the subliminal Chris Hunt) and for some reason between us we came up with the word "Pernunga". I'm not entirely sure if I can recall where the word came from or why I found it funny at the time but it was at that point I decided that I would hense forth make a film with the word "Pernunga" in the title.

From there I went to "The Goddess Pernunga" and subsequently "Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin". As you can probably tell having seen this film there is absolutely no amazon basin in this film, for the most part title dictated content.

So I wound up filming about half of this film and then waiting for people who said they'd film footage of themselves as the goddess to put in the film as the goddesses. About 2 months passed when I realised that most people are too unfocused to do this thing so I wound up doing a brisk rewrite and the goddesses became nought more than flashing lights.

Also of interest are the vast array of continuity errors, when I started the film I had long hair with partial bleaching and my room was laid out in an entirely different way to how it was when I finished. In the background throughout you can see my computer appearing and disapearing at the foot of my best. I also filmed the bulk of the footage at the beginning WAY after the stuff at the end.

In the end i'm fairly pleased with this film, this represents the first time i've tried to do GOOD gore effects and I think I pulled them off realistically. The only downside to this film is that this is basically a remake of "Spookyjackrusselldotcom", the plot is pretty much identical.

Still alot of people remake previous films, it happens. Plus both of the films have there own charms.

Stop staring at me.

Adrian's Big Brown Day
Short film
5 minutes, 15 seconds

So anyways this is basically a sequel to "Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin" by virtue of the fact that it basically takes place about 2 weeks later.

I attempted in "Adrian V.S. The Dragon" to use left over audio from "Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin" but it didn't really work out. So I decided that i'd write a script that would encapsulate most all of the audio that my good friend Yoshi recorded for me.

I never knew that this film would take me 2 months to do, what seemed like a quick easy 2 minute long film became a 5 minute long epic. I wound up rewriting the bulk of the film as I went along which inevitably meant that its fortuitous that it still kind of makes sense.

It's likely that this is the best film I have made thus far, but i've spent so long working on it now that I need to give it a few months before I can watch it without it just being like loud static in my head.

It's also nice in this film because im finally telling a different story. YAY!

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