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Spare the Rod, Shoot the Child
Short film
4 minutes, 17 seconds

I made this film about 2 years ago. In many respect's I feel as though this is the first film I made (on my own) that REALLY felt like one of my film's. Of course compared to my newer film's it falls down alot - I was also using the OLD software for editing which naturally hindered it too.

Writing the script there was alot in the media at the time about these parent's who didn't know how to raise there kid's saying that the children had all these different disorder's whilst never ACTUALLY attempting to do any real parenting. It frustrated me enough that I managed to strong arm my niece and my mother into acting in it.

I wrote it with the online assistance of my Ex (who appeared in the film in a quick clip on the TV and as the voice of the gun). She was also the human star of "The Mystic Quest of Kriti Diablo". We kind of worked through idea's trying to figure out what was funny and what wasn't all during the night before. As a rule when i'm writing I tend to do better writing the night before.

The filming took place during the course of 3 hours on a Saturday morning, no one really knew the dialogue (as I said I wrote it the night before) so we had to do ALOT of rehearsing until the dialogue sounded correct (which unfortunatly was a habit I ditched for the longest time after). I wound up also adding alot of strange stuff to do with water which reflected a whole back story to the film's that I have long since forgot.

Anyway's the sister film to this is "The Grim Story of Donald and Mr. Pickles", they both take place in the same strange world.

Deleted scene from "Spare the Rod, Shoot the Child"
47 seconds

"Chore's" is made up the bulk of the deleted material from "Spare the Rod, Shoot the Child". In the finished film they didn't really seem to fit anywhere - which is a damn shame because they're such a strange 40 something second's.

In retrospect I wish I had done more of these deleted scene short's, but as time's gone on I haven't really had the bulk/goodness that came from the leftover's of "Spare the Rod, Shoot the Child" to make it up.

Still there's something enjoyably creepy about this footage - seeing a mother encouraging her child to make threatening phone call's and kill people - I kind of dropped the ball that I haven't made another film like this.

The Grim Story of
Donald and Mr. Pickles

Short film
3 minutes 11 seconds

So Arran is the brother of Leigh (who played the little girl in "Spare the Rod, Shoot the Child"). He was jealous that he wasn't in a film and she was. So not being a guy to say no to the oppurtunity to be creative (and being that I was babysitting him that week for some reason) I said sure

So I wound up using what few resources I had and lo this film was born. I once again used the tried and tested technique of writing it the night before I aimed to shoot it. As it was basically just my nephew and I. I (after 60 or so films of my bad acting you'll NEVER see) had no more desire to do any physical acting... so I realised I had a dog and a puppet and did the best I could

In relation to "Spare the Rod, Shoot the Child" this film either represents a time 10 years before that film or an alternate dimension too... I bought back the character of the mother to be a polar opposite of the character she played in "Spare the Rod, Shoot the Child" and I can't quite figure out... how that'd fit into the universe... you'll see

After how I filmed "Spare the Rod, Shoot the Child" in a very preplanned fashion, where alot of the shots were designed to look a certain way to disguise the fact I was filming on a camcorder, on this film I wanted to try and make it look like a mid 70's horror movie where all the camera work was fast and loose and some of the shots weren't entirely in focus

Which wound up looking like total goat shit

Inevitably I did extensive reshoots, basically every shot that doesn't have Arran in was done on a different day, even now several of the shots of Arran are out of focus. But it kind of works and I kind of like how... OK I WAS TOO LAZY TO RESHOOT ARRAN

This film was also the first one where I tried to tell some of the story by using audio, as opposed to just using audio to supplement it which is why the excessive noises and captions from a few of the previous films aren't present

Attack of the 50ft. Bear
Short film
32 seconds

When I finished editing together "The Grim Story of Donald and Mr. Pickles" I had a craving to make another film. Like an insane craving.

The weather was beautiful and I had a rough idea of the footage I wanted to film (although the dialogue I came up with later) so I walked out into the garden where my parents were sitting and I filmed them doing that, then I wiggled there belongings whilst filming them before climbing up a ladder and looking down on them.

The visual effect in this film is way more simple than it looks (and as it is it looks pretty goddamn simple) I filmed the house with the camera focused fully on the roof, then I filmed Adrian Fosbearry on the end of a baseball bat (with the focus fully on him so that it would look like he was the same size as the house) and made it looked like he was walking (without having moved the camera, composition was everything).

All in all filming took 15 minutes if that.

I took a single frame from the stuff I filmed of the house (ditching a way more elaborate idea) and removed the blue sky from it in animation shop before compositing it over the footage of Adrian Fosbearry (which I had slowed down by putting fades between frames).

and BAM! thats how I made it look like there was a 50ft Bear. I edited the footage together and the sound effects did the rest. I spent about 20 minutes trying to decide what people should be saying (because like an idiot I didn't put in enough footage that I could have anyone speak at length) whilst eating dinner and finished it all in the same day.

Which is kind of annoying, something I made up in an hour or so, is better liked over the films I spent weeks and weeks over. Still hey at least people like it!

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