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The Xmas Sentinel
Short film
2 minutes, 24 seconds

I wrote this on Xmas. I knew I was going to have the next day to myself, my parents were going out so I had a living room and a dream, a dream to make my very own Xmas movie (I have a halloween movie somewhere, and... to be honest I want to make an easter movie).

By this time my dog has died (She died on the 1st of October 2005) so alas it was up to me to do all the heavy lifting again. To get around having to do an excessive amount of acting (and excessive lip sync work) I gave Adrian Fosbearry the starring role and I just played back up. It's strange to know that your playing third fiddle in a film beneath a small bear and an Xmas tree ornament, but there you go.

I spent about 6 hours filming it and then before I could really edit I wound up going away for a few weeks. When I came back I was deeply hesitant to touch it, I thought it was going to suck, but thankfully it came together right away.

I wound up doing all the audio work afterwards, little if any of the audio I recorded on the day is in the film. Even so the audio quality leaves something to be desired. I managed to draft in my good friend Haley Delano to do all the female voices, I wanted to get someone other than myself for the dialogue at the beginning and the end of the film... but I failed which is why theres a piss poor irish accent in the film.

I managed to persuade my good friend Darren to provide music for the film... which he did, and I managed to get my other good friend James Aslett (of the "Jammy Got Shafted" music video) to provide the opening music (which i just ripped off from a track of his) meaning that this is the only film I have that I couldn't be taken to task over infringing copyright on.

Other things you may notice in the film is that I liked how the plants in the foreground looked so much in "Adrian Has a Squeaky Voice" that I put them in this one to help make things a little more interesting, also I took a small amount of pleasure in throwing around one of the puppets from the same film... bastard!

This film also involved alot of split screen special effects work that NO ONE has commented on, so I guess it worked. Half of the shots with Adrian in and moving I had to map out parts of the frame with a split because I was in them. Theres one shot im fairly proud of where it looks like Adrian is walking by himself, of course there are a few shots where you can see i've basically slid him over a bottle of booze and im wiggling him to make it look like theres signs of life.

Short film
2 minutes, 54 seconds

A friend of mine Erika Goetz was all like "hey I have the cutest footage of my dog doing stuff" and I was all like "aw show me". The Jack Russell she showed me that day was damn spooky and thus I decided to make a whole film based around that footage she sent me.

Was this perhaps a little crazy of me? Yup, but it kind of works so I feel i've equitted myself nicely.

So this is the first film I filmed in my new home and so I decided to do things a little different from the past. Being utterly sick of the below subpar audio quality in almost all of my older films this time I decided to A. Upgrade my audio softwear to this millenium (adobe audition) and B. I recorded the whole film mute and add all my dialogue after.

It is for this reason that you can actually hear what im saying, and what Adrian is saying.

This was also the first film where I opted to subtitle Adrian (As I kept getting complaints that people couldn't understand what he was saying) but it was no big deal because i transcribed his dialogue straight from the script then gave a COMPLETELY different reading when i came to actually record the dialogue.

Whilst im STILL on the subject of audio my good friend James Aslett provided the music for this trifle of a film, and im sure you'll agree its probably to good to be involved with my works but HEY! Im not going to question my good fortune.

Also interestingly enough (for me) this film contains no less than 9 visual effects shots and perhaps the most embarassingly obvious split screen i've ever done. Though i don't feel to bad because i did a whole over split screen that no one has so far spotted.

In conclusion this film is in danger of becoming my favourite film, the sound is good, the video is good (i've started using lighting to make images more obvious and dramatic!) and the story itself makes me laugh in places.

Space Jesus
Short film
1 minutes, 16 seconds

This short film is now my most viewed film EVER, currently totalling well over 2300 views. SUCKERS!

Space Jesus was one of those cases of having an idea I found funny and running with it. A friend of mine (Mike Brodie) from that internet showed me this picture of Jesus in space staring at the planet and weeping. Though to me it seemed not as though Jesus were weeping. It looked as though Jesus were hungry and he was about to consume the planet and all the life on it.

Of course animating THAT would have been a nightmare, so the film was basically made up out of what is essentially a photo montage. It took a few hours and it made me laugh, other people like this film far more than I do.

This is also one of those occasions where I did ALL the voices. Which is why everyone sounds a little peculiar. In truth this film should have been about 15 seconds longer with an alternative ending, then I got lazy.

Wow i'm sure selling the hell out of this one... ENJOY!

Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin
Short film
3 minutes, 25 seconds

This one time I was talking to a friend of mine (the subliminal Chris Hunt) and for some reason between us we came up with the word "Pernunga". I'm not entirely sure if I can recall where the word came from or why I found it funny at the time but it was at that point I decided that I would hense forth make a film with the word "Pernunga" in the title.

From there I went to "The Goddess Pernunga" and subsequently "Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin". As you can probably tell having seen this film there is absolutely no amazon basin in this film, for the most part title dictated content.

So I wound up filming about half of this film and then waiting for people who said they'd film footage of themselves as the goddess to put in the film as the goddesses. About 2 months passed when I realised that most people are too unfocused to do this thing so I wound up doing a brisk rewrite and the goddesses became nought more than flashing lights.

Also of interest are the vast array of continuity errors, when I started the film I had long hair with partial bleaching and my room was laid out in an entirely different way to how it was when I finished. In the background throughout you can see my computer appearing and disapearing at the foot of my best. I also filmed the bulk of the footage at the beginning WAY after the stuff at the end.

In the end i'm fairly pleased with this film, this represents the first time i've tried to do GOOD gore effects and I think I pulled them off realistically. The only downside to this film is that this is basically a remake of "Spookyjackrusselldotcom", the plot is pretty much identical.

Still alot of people remake previous films, it happens. Plus both of the films have there own charms.

Stop staring at me.

Adrian V.S. The Dragon
Short film
1 minutes, 2 seconds

So originally I started making this film because I had a whole bunch of left over audio and footage from "Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin". So I figured hey i'll make a short film and use it up.

Somehow I wound up getting distracted and wound up making this film up (as I went along). Much like "Attack of the 50ft Bear" I filmed and edited the footage first, then worked out what the plot was to be as I went along. Then finally I recorded and mixed the audio.

This film marks the first time I tried to make a film with excessive C.G. in it. I think its passable and you can kind of tell whats going on, but Weta won't be losing any sleep unless they're having nightmares about how bad I suck.

I got a nasty scratch on my arm when I was doing the couch puppeteering, the sour pill of it comes from the fact that I never did actually use THAT footage.

Also - for the record - I find the line of dialogue "GIANT HAND!" hilarious.

Adrian's Big Brown Day
Short film
5 minutes, 15 seconds

So anyways this is basically a sequel to "Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin" by virtue of the fact that it basically takes place about 2 weeks later.

I attempted in "Adrian V.S. The Dragon" to use left over audio from "Goddess Pernunga of the Amazon Basin" but it didn't really work out. So I decided that i'd write a script that would encapsulate most all of the audio that my good friend Yoshi recorded for me.

I never knew that this film would take me 2 months to do, what seemed like a quick easy 2 minute long film became a 5 minute long epic. I wound up rewriting the bulk of the film as I went along which inevitably meant that its fortuitous that it still kind of makes sense.

It's likely that this is the best film I have made thus far, but i've spent so long working on it now that I need to give it a few months before I can watch it without it just being like loud static in my head.

It's also nice in this film because im finally telling a different story. YAY!

Short film
3 minutes, 55 seconds

This is the last film I made with the old school editing software. By this point I was VERY good at cutting shit together with it so I wasn't as hindered as I had been in the past. This film came about as kind of a sequel to "Adrians Big Brown Day" and kind of because I found I had a shit load of footage from my holiday to Florida from 2004.

I also wanted to make an attempt at creating a film a little more action packed than usual... at this point i'd made the same kind of film about 5 times... and every single time I had wound up setting the action ENTIRELY in my bedroom. Which really isn't very stimulating.

So I looked through all the zoo footage and worked out a plot and a way of blending new footage with the old.

I filmed it all outdoor's just as Autumn was taking hold - making the most of the last few sunny day's of the year managing to give the new footage the same lighting as the old footage. (I had attempted to film the new footage in my room using a high powered light and some plants... but it wound up just looking like my room with a high powered light and some plants).

I was well on the way into the editing process when - my computer died. Painstakingly I had to cut down the footage I had, and transported it to the office computer. I cut together what I had and finished the dialogue on the office machine (including the first appearance of my girlfriend Juliet as a small annoying child and pitched down as Mrs. Polar Bear).

I had also gotten into contact with George Millar (composer) at this point - and telling him what I wanted he was able to compose the music for the film.

HOWEVER not all was sunshine and lollypop's with the film, I had the bulk of it filmed - including the sky ride fight - but no REAL ENDING. Unable to hook up my camera to the office computer I was left in the quandary as to how I would conclude the film without shooting any additional footage....

Well as you can see I just wound up downloading footage of surfer's and setting the ending in Waikiki... the ending bug's me though, it really doesn't make much sense at all - but it was the best I could do at the time. Still George composed some great music for it and it kind of wrapped up the Adrian Fosbearry saga nicely.

To this day i'm tempted that if ever I get to make a bigger movie - that i'd start it off with Adrian on the beach in Waikiki and have the plot kick off from there... or maybe i'd remake the saga and do my dream thing of getting some guy (likely me) to dress up in a bear suit with giant goggles for some kind of weird fantasy sequence.

Still... I can dream...

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