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Doom Cookies
Short film
4 minutes, 57 seconds

This was the first film I re-edited after I got the new software and is currently the first film on here that I cut with the new editing software. There was another film but George Miller (who did the music for Zoodrian) is still working on the music for it. He's doing it between other things so it might take a while...

So "Doom Cookies" was originally filmed in 2 days in 2005 with a few of my friend's who worked with me at Budgen's at the time. All the people popped up again in "Date of the Dead" which I re-edited later on.

I wrote the script inspired by a (female) friend of mine at the time who kept talking online to guy's who claimed to be vampire's. Only they were REALLY whiney and needy and they kept talking about how chick'd didn't dig them and... then they'd go outside and work dull day job's. That didn't seem like vampire behaviour to me at all, so inspired by these insipid turd's I wrote a script based on all there inconsistencies and idiocy.

Somewhere along the way it became a film about poisoning... then during the re-edit it actually almost worked as a horror movie. Some people told me they got creeped out toward's the end which as you can probably tell surprised me.

I'm proud of this film now, of all the film's I made I feel it's probably the most watchable, the editing for it was a little challenging and I wound up having to cut out ALOT of shit. As with alot of the older film's I re-edited I found that I had about 2 or 3 minutes of footage grafted onto the lean 5 minute film that were COMPLETELY unneccessacary. I honestly don't know what I was thinking at the time.

So yup, I cut it down, shined it up with decent music and audio. I'm damn proud.

The Mystic Quest of Kriti Diablo
Short film
4 minutes, 30 seconds

This is a strange one.

So when I went out with my ex-girlfriend we wound up making a couple of film's that suffered from poor editing and a lack of discipline on my part as to when a scene is too long and when one is too short. Anyway's there was a crappy version of "The Mystic Quest of Kriti Diablo" that I could have let slide.

But damnit! My dog Sparky (who played Mr. Pickles) died soon after we made this film and it always seemed like a fitting tribute to her memory to have this film. Only it's not much of a tribute if the film is a bit wank, but it's also weird when you're editing your ex-girlfriend.

So anyways I started work assembling the old footage together - I wound up using some other footage (the black and white stuff) that I had filmed when i'd gone to see her in New York once. I filmed all this footage without any REAL throughline so there was no way I could make a film of any cop out of it. So I wound up chopping it together as beginning and end footage as though it were some kind of fantasy. Well it's your interpretation.

The film came together fairly easily, I cut the mute characters together as I figured the scene would go and re-wrote and recorded the dialogue to be vaguely like how it was in the original... and also to move the plot on. In the original version of the film the first scene in the kitchen was about 3 minutes long and it felt like nails being driven into my wrist's everytime I watched it.

In truth I found it easier to just edit it with the focus mainly on the characters I could dub in later - For some reason I did ALOT more coverage on them and the stuff with my ex just ended up horribly repetitive. Long long unfunny scene's of her talking to a duck. Just NO.

Then with very little fanfare the film was finished and now the tribute to my dead dog is done. I enjoy this film on a few different level's, though for sure I can see how my abilities have grown since this was originally put together. Regardless it's kind of an artifact from a different time in my life.

Also it make's me want to film in black and white more... that shit looked kind of gorgeous.

Valentines Day for Lana the Goth
Short film
4 minutes, 44 seconds

I'm so proud of this film. In spite of the fact that Youtube squashed the widescreen image it still hold's up.

Of all the film's i've made this one benefitted the most from the fact that Juliet (my girlfriend) can actually act. I wrote a distinctly average script that Juliet and I wound up changing throughout, we decided to focus on a scene a day and we'd spend an hour or so rehearsing the dialogue and changing things for the better to make them sound more natural.

In term's of the filming style I wanted to avoid my habit of not knowing what I actually want in a scene and running around the place like a headless chicken to try and capture ANYTHING that could be used. For this reason I tried to make alot of the scene's work in long take's where I could let the emotion's come out. This also helped with the editing as I didn't get tempted to chop backward's and forward's for no good reason.

Still not everything about this film worked to begin with, there were ALOT of thing's I cut out. For one at one point in the film Lana meet's Death. We set up a high powered light and a fan to create the effect of a portal being opened between world's for Lana's side of thing's. However the Death puppet looked like a mask with a Jacket on (which it was). But being that it wasn't necessacary to the plot and that it looked so crummy I decided to chop that fucked out. Still if you're curious at how bad he looked - he's in the end credit's all for a second.

I wound up using Portishead entirely for the score. I had always kind of liked Portishead and truth be told I was surprised at how well the music went to the film. Without editing alot of the music fit the action almost perfectly - and when that kind of sychronicity happen's it's difficult to resist going with it.

As of the 20th of April 2007 i'm still working on a sequel to this film, I just don't know how the fuck i'm going to do it and stay true to the character without it being a direct repeat of this film or a caricature of the original.

Ah, I don't take this stuff THAT seriously, I just hope I can come up with something as entertaining as I find this one.

The Munchies
Short film
4 minutes, 24 seconds

I love "The Munchies".

I always felt this film was kind of the sister film to "The Munchies". I wrote the script in pretty much one stream of conscious burst of crazy, a couple of minor rewrites followed and I had finally written a script that filled in all my criteria for what I consider to be atypically one of my film's.

Juliet was once again playing a (different) character called Lana, and she had managed to rope in her friend Chloe to act in it. Being that Chloe wouldn't be there for that long we filmed it over one night and one morning. We filmed the bedroom scene during the night - where they did indeed get high. Then the rest of it was kind of filmed in a rush the next day.

However once again fate kicked me in the shin's. Once again an awesome shot that would have been outdoor's was shat upon by rain, and so instead of a cool bird's eye view shot of Lana waking up in the garden (that i'd have filmed out a window) I wound up standing on a chair in the conservatory as Lana woke up on the floor. Still that work's too.

The gore effect's were achieved pretty simply. I re-used the plastic hand I always use and Juliet and Chloe went into the bathroom and gored themselves up carefully so they wouldn't get stain's anywhere and we got away with it! Apparently Juliet found 2 pink specks on the bathroom floor about a week later and thus I didn't get crucified by Juliet's mother!

Musically I again went with Portishead because once again it just seemed to fit. I also decided to record narration at the beginning and the end of the film because it kind of lent it self to the atmosphere of the film, i'm not entirely sure what kind of voice i'm doing there though.

This film is also note worthy for the re-appearance of Bearded Bastard. None of you know who that is, but he was in a bunch of the VERY first film's I made... and damnit I missed him... That was Juliet in the Bearded Bastard costume though, she stood on a chair and we filmed it like 2 night's later, you may notice that for someone so tall he has quite short arm's.

This film make's me feel good about myself - sometimes i'm my own biggest fan.

Out on the Razzle
Music Video
2 minutes, 29 seconds

There's this guy I knew in college called Simon Allgrove - he does rapping. Anyways a few year's after college he got back into contact with me through myspace and was all like "Hey, I dig your film's I LOL'd and everything, do a music video for me - do it for 'Out on the Razzle'". I respond embarassingly well to flattery so I said sure.

4 months later and I still hadn't done it. Originally I had this plan to film it in pub's with puppet's with lots of people, but I don't really go to pub's and I don't know that many people. So I waited until I went to see my girlfriend - for when we went to the pub and BAM I'd film it then. The first 2 times I went to see her I was either ill or too forgetful to bring the camera. When I finally got round to bringing the camera the results were awful and COMPLETELY out of context with the song.

So natch I wound up filming the whole thing in about an hour, I created a weird mini stage and got lot's of puppet's. I opted to do the whole thing with a locked off camera. Mainly because it would save time but also because I dig how that look's. I pretty much finished the whole video in a single day.

I like the video - but in retrospect I wish I had spent more time on it. You can see the side of my head throughout, and I wound up repeating the same 2 or 3 shot's again and again. I threw up ALOT of unscreen captions in an attempt to distract people from my repetitious nature.

So in the end Simon kind of dug it - he said he liked it and then never spoke to me again. Still that is Simon's way so i'm not broken up or anything... Plus I wound up making a fairly cool music video out of it.

Date of the Dead
Short film
4 minutes, 15 seconds

"Date of the Dead" started off life as "Zombie Double Date" because I couldn't think of a better name for it.

In like 2005 or something like that I wrote this film the morning I was meant to film it. Somehow I managed to conjure up some people to act in a film and it had taken me off guard. So quickly I wrote this thing. As you can likely assume the result of a script written so quickly reflected poorly on the end result.

The filming took place during the course of 2 day's - naturally for a film made outside the sky opened for all but 4 or so hour's resulting in ALOT of rushing. Also one of the actor's drank heavily throughout - I won't say who, but I wound up chopping him out by quite a bit to trim out his drunkeness.

After I was done with the film I cut it together on the editing software I had at the time... the software was goddawful but I made do with it through ALOT of the older film's I made, however at this point I wasn't all that used to it. To say the end result's from all this were shabby is an understatement.

The original version of "Date of the Dead" was an 8 minutes long mess with crappy audio (worse than "The Xmas Sentinel")and a non-existent plot.

It was at this point that I put the film behind me. Occasionally i'd notice the old footage sitting on some Digital 8 tapes I had lying around, I considered taping over it but for whatever reason I didn't get around to it. Later on after i'd re-edited "Doom Cookies" and "The Mystic Quest of Kriti Diablo" I figured it was about time to re-address "Date of the Dead".

So over the course of a few week's I would in my spare time attempt to create plot from the plotless. The opening couple of scene's had been over filmed but beyond that everything was a mess of piece's. I was pissed at my younger self. Still I cut and shaped and mangled, until in the end the film wound up feeling like some kind of weird extended trailer with vague plot. I wound up editing scene's down as much as possible to minimise the use of repeated camera angles because ALOT of the scene's were only filmed from 1 or 2 different positions. I also added digitally zoomed in on some of the shot's, the quality went down the tube, but I knew i'd be hosting on youtube and the degradation from that would cover a multitude of sins.

When I finally decided to call it "Date of the Dead" I figured it would be kind of in keeping if I tried to soundtrack it with music from the remake of "Dawn on the Dead", this partially came about when I realised I could download free track's from the score from the Tyler Bate's website (He who scored).

Anyhow in the end the film has it's own strange quality about it, it's not my favourite but at least it's not embarassing, the music and score fit's and in some place's gives the film an oddly epic quality (Which I feel fed into the weird extended trailer quality)...

Ah look at me acting so serious, this film's alright - i've done better.

The Hashening
Short film
2 minutes, 50 seconds

I made this film whilst visiting with my girlfriend. We had an evening spare and I strong armed her into making the film inbetween us watching "The Goonies" and playing "Canus Canem Edit" on the PS2. We improvised all the action with the vague notion that it would be about Adrian being sent off for Hash.

So we wandered around - Juliet (Who play's Lana... and is also my girlfriend) delivered different pieces of dialogue for me to edit to later, we got a few shot's of family pet's and figured out a very vague conclusion.

This film as you can probably tell was created in editing, I composed a rough edit where everyone but Lana was silent and got my good friend Mel Mealo to help me script in the blank's. I then recorded the dialogue and re-cut the film to suit. Needless to say I didn't understand ALL of the dialogue Mel wrote for the film - but I recorded it as she wrote it and I think it add's a little something to the proceedings.

By chance i'd also recently gotten back into contact with an old friend of mine Tom Kluckers (from film's long since past) - who had contacted me to do a website for his band - he sent me a bunch of music that he gave me permission to use in the film and that was the score in place.

Still as fun as it was too assemble the film from such a hodge podge the end result feel's very much like it should have been something I made a way's back as natch it lacked the sophistication of the last few film's I made.

Still there it is.

Micro Voorhies
Short film
1 minute, 1 second

So in many way's this film is a throwback to my OLD OLD film's from way back when, film's I made before any of these other one's in the mist's of time. I used to do alot of stop motion animation back then... which inevitably I stopped doing because A. I used playdoh that stripped the fluids from my fingers, B. Stop motion animation is horribly time consuming, and C. At the time I did all the old animation I basically made short rambling pieces that didn't make sense with very little semblance of plot or humour.

Anyways I realised that I could animate my movie maniacs Jason Voorhies figure a few day's back and so quickly I wrote a script. The next day I realised the script sucked so I deleted it and wrote a new one. True Story. With some experimentation I noticed that there is no way to animate that figure walking without him looking like he's got a turd in his pant's.

I of course wound up having to act... ordinarily I probably would have used puppet's, but damnit I needed them for the ending so I had to step into that place. I don't mind acting but usually I wind up completely monosyllabalic and crazy looking so I try to avoid it where possible (with the exception of someone else making the film... in which case i'm fine with acting).

Editing was fairly straight forward. It was a little irritating because I had to trim the animation to the single frame's in a fairly unconventional manner, but once it was done it was all good. The Music I decided to do by myself for the beginning and end simply because in the last couple of film's there was WAY too much music - "The Hashening" being a good example of that... it's too damn noisy and the music wasn't really all that appropriate.

In the end i'm proud of this film, I made it in 2 day's and it reminded me of the giddy thrill's that can come of me doing this shit by myself. The only peeve I have is that the image got squashed again, it should be letter boxed but somewhere during the process of putting the video onto the computer things got fucked and I couldn't do anything about it.

But yeah... other than that, i'm smug.

P.S. I dig the "Friday the 13th" movie's, i'm not a big whore and I know who came from which movie. This one time I was watching the special features on "2001 Maniacs" and they were interviewing the cast about Robert Englund and almost all of them thought that Freddy Kruger was the villain in "Friday the 13th". I don't even know how people can make that mistake... seriously?!

The Dirty Birb
Music video
2 minutes, 11 seconds

AKA: Suicide Bombers from Mars.

So Tom K of the Flash Penny Relator was all like "Hey Jimmi - make me a music video using one these tracks that I sent to you". "Okie dokie" say's I. "How quickly can you get it done?" says he. "Give me a week" I say.

5 days later I realise the undertaking I had ahead of my was alot trickier than I had previously foreseen. By now I had become pretty much sick of having video's taking place in my room with puppets - and to realise the limitless visual potential that can come from a track such as this - with a few puppets in my bedroom seemed like a horse shit idea.

Ideally I would have done something with robot's. But I don't have any. So I wound up cruising around online for public domain video out of copyright that I could meddle with, after a few hours of searching I stumbled upon which is full of public domain tasties.

I wound up cutting around 2 animated films from the 1950's called "Destination Earth" and "A is for Atom". A few hours later it was complete and I found myself rewatching it a whole bunch of times for some reason, perhaps this is why the views for it on youtube are currently so high for a file thats been on there for a short time.

For the most part i'm proud of what I accomplished - though basically all I did was cut someone elses hardwork around so I can't really gloat about it (hense why I only gave myself an "edited by" credit. The ending kind of bugs me though, it suddenly gets real choppy and theres a subtitle - but HEY! Some of the rest of it almost gives me goose bumps so I guess it balances out.

If you enjoyed this video you should perhaps check out the original to find out just how much I changed of the original intent of the film. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised.

Saturday Mourning
Short film
4 minutes, 6 seconds

AKA: "Saturday Morning Cartoons", "Lana gots Crabs", "Lana has an S.T.D.", "Lana get's Laid".

I've been desperate to get my girlfriend to goth up again for ages. There's something about it that does it for me, so naturally I decided to take the long road and make a whole film as an excuse to get her in black make up. I did, and it was lovely.

So what is there to say about "Saturday Mourning"? I wrote alot of different scripts for a possible sequel to "Valentines Day for Lana the Goth" but for the most part to no avail. Then as is my way I wound up writing the whole script to this one in a stream of conscious late at night. Closer to filming Juliet and I added some other scene's that I had written as sketches to the film as well.

Filming wasn't rushed but it wasn't exactly spread out. We spent an hour or 2 over 3 or so day's filming it. Mostly at night time - which (if you're wondering) is why the film is so fucking dark. There's really not very much to talk about with the filming other than the fact that when we were filming it I somehow didn't notice that Lana the Goth sat on the couch for almost the entire length of the film.

It was at the editing stage of things when I realised just how nut's I made this thing. So many puppet scenes, ME "acting", the darkness and the stationariness of it all. Not to mention whole scenes I had to cut out because Lana wound up having wildly shifting mood swings between scenes.

Still I took a cleaver to it an whittled it down and whittled it down and from over an hour of recorded footage I have this strange 4 minute 6 second long bit of business. In the next couple of day's i'll compile the behind the scene's stuff and "Deleted Scenes" together into another bit of business.

The score of the film wound up being pieces of music from the "Silent Hill" series of video games. When I began listening to the music it seemed very much in the style of the Portishead music that I had used in the previous film, but in a more scorey style. There is a certain frustration in having to find pre-existing audio to reflect an emotion in a scene - and being that I don't have so much Portishead it made more sense to rip the other music off instead. I'm bad, I know it.

In the end I like this film - I don't love it. In time i'll undoubtedly grow fond of it as an excercise in all the worst possible things I can do in a film. Though in truth a couple of my most favourite shot compositions and scenes are in this film... so... FUCK!

No, really. FUCK!

A Fistful of Lana the Goth
Short film
2 minutes, 1 second

AKA: "A Day in the life of Lana the Goth", "Lana goes to Work", "A Fishful of Lana the Goat"

Once again that odd thing has happened where I assemble a pile of off cuts together and find the end result almost more pleasing than the film that spawned them. But that was somehow to be expected from this film. In truth the 3 scenes stuck haphazardly together here were infact written as individual sketches that I rudely inserted into the screenplay for "Saturday Mourning" and wound up naturally not working in the context of that film at all.

In retrospect there are a few things I would do differently if I could film parts of this film again - a narrative throughline would be nice. I even thought about adding extra footage and making it seem as though this were a documentary by creatures from another planet looking at life on Earth. Then I realised how beyond my abilities that was and settled for what you have here.

A tasty snack, perhaps worth a view or 2. Likely I won't watch it again for some time and inevitably i'll come back to it and giggle like an idiot.

Behind the Scenes on Saturday Mourning
Behind the Scenes
2 minutes, 10 seconds

AKA: "Terror From Beyond the Moon!" (ok not really but I want to make a film called that).

As I scrape the bottom of the barrel clean of the remaining unused footage from "Saturday Mourning" I can breathe a sigh of relief and carry on with my life. Over the couple of days we filmed that thing I had no idea I would infact wind up out putting so much from it. I figured we'd have 1 or 2 short films at the most - but to have come out with a third one is fairly nuts.

Still as it goes this film runs a fine line between reality and not reality. In my mind i'm still confused - I performed the puppets live and none of it was written so in that respect it's documentary. In the respect that it's my girlfriend playing herself talking to fictional characters I guess it's drama? I don't know. I'd like to think that i've dived into the delectable realm of meta-fiction once again. But I can't quite remember the criteria so I may be wrong.

In the end I love this film more than I maybe should. I kind of wish we'd done something like this when we made "The Hashening" instead of making "The Hashening"... seriously the more time goes on the more I think that film sucks.

Uhm... Enjoy!

The Mystery Zone
Short film
3 minutes, 10 seconds

AKA: "Lana de la Muerte", "The Bootnapping!"

So this is the first film I made with Juliet way back before Xmas time. (Although I used her voice in "Zoodrian" she wasn't ACTING acting in that... that was more me being goofy and putting her voice in).

I cut "The Mystery Zone" together once and it was alright - I guess. I was still new to the editing program I was using so I went a little nuts and cut it like a mad man. I then handed the video off to a friend of mine to do the music.

Then he got a job and joined the open university and didn't have time for music. So I wound up kind of leaving it to one side... until the other day when I got bored and decided that I didn't want the raw footage taking up space on my computer anymore.

So I cut it together - lost it when my computer was being an arse - then cut it again (pretty much the same). Matted it - added some music et voila!

The end result is definitely a mixed bag - some parts work REALLY well - wheras other parts are a little... odd. I heart the ending because although it doesn't make much sense in the context of the story the use of a little music somehow makes it seem epic in scale... when in fact it's just a train pulling off from a train station.

But whatever!

Also as you'll probably be able to tell from watching this. I made ALOT of movie references in the soundtrack I decided to use.

Satans Basement
Short film
1 minutes, 50 seconds

AKA: "Da Spookies"

I filmed this film in 2003 with my ex-girlfriend when I was visiting her in New York. I cut it together mute on my computer and that was pretty much the end of it.

A few weeks ago I decided to try and get some of the old films off my old computer (because i'm a nostalgic sod) and lo and behold did I find the mute copy of this very film.

I watched it through a couple of times and it seemed like it would be a shame to put it online as a mute glitchy short film. Also there were alot of rambling bollocks towards the beginning that were ENTIRELY unnecessacary. Mainly because I filmed it like an arse.

So I wound up first trying to cut it together as a music video for Tom K... but that didn't work out so great, which led me to decide that I should make it into a proper short film in it's own right and score it as best I can.

In the end I think the film is pretty good... I can't quite tell if it's ACTUALLY scary at this point because i've seen it so many times - but I did manage to put "The Safety Dance" into something vaguely creepy without it being too tacky - which im proud about.

The only downside to this production is that the video quality isn't as great as I would like as it's basically a second generation copy from an mpeg of the original footage. Though in truth that's only really noticable if you watch it full screen.

Also! As a side note - the title "Satans Basement" kind of has 2 meanings. One of course implies luridly that evil is lurking in the basement. I like to believe that it is in fact my ex-girlfriend who is satan.

Out of interest the original version of the film is just below...

Da Spookies.

PuncHard n Rudy
Music video
2 minutes, 54 seconds

So this is another music video I have made for the Flash Penny Relator much like the Dirty Birb I decided to use old footage now in the public domain as the source material.

In truth my original vision for this video involved animated lego zombies and lasers from Neptune but that process was taking WAY too long and the results were subpar at best. So I wound up using this public domain footage - the footage which I WAS going to use in a different music video entirely. But that track hasn't been completed yet and I found some better footage for it... so WHATEVER!

In truth this took about 3 or so hours to do, it contains over 150 cuts, i'm not sure how much over because i'm too lazy to count but theres pretty much a cut every second for almost 3 minutes with a few exceptions so... yeah.

I like this video. It's in keeping with the first video and... thats good enough.

Mr. Miller
Music video
2 minutes, 16 seconds

This video was a complete bastard to do. The last 2 music videos I did for "The Flash Penny Relator" weren't too bad - but i'd used public domain footage from the 50's for both of them. Not wanting to be a one trick pony I figured I should perhaps try and make use of some footage I had filmed.

I spent about 3 hours filming one version of the music video and another couple trying to cut that into something that worked - it was goat shit. I then spent a whole other day trying to create good new footage. Also goat shit. So in the end I fell back on the footage I used here. This is pretty much unused footage from when I had visited my ex-girlfriend a few years ago. We spent an afternoon screwing around filmed stuff of her pretending to be a model - but I was never REALLY able to cut it into something with any kind of plot. Thus the footage remained unused.

Until now.

The next hurdle in cutting this video was making the cutting match the music - as you may have noticed this track doesn't feature an obvious drum beat or anything easy for me to hook the footage onto. In the end I wound up just ignoring the rhythm and attempting as best as I can to create something dream like to reflect the nightmarish qualities of the music. I also wound up utilising subtitles to connect the audio to the visual (just like in "Out on the Razzle" another music video I did).

I'm not sure if I really succeeded in that either. But fuck it - I think it works pretty good and I managed to find motif's in the editing and flow that I plan to use again in films I make in the future.


Satans Staircase
Short film
2 minutes, 33 seconds

AKA: "The Escape", "Da Spookies 2", "Fire Escape", "The Cigarette Break of DOOOM!"

Having cut together a-new "Satans Basement" a few weeks back it struck me that I hadn't made any short films in ages that were just silent and creepy. I used to do those kinds of films all the time - back when it was nigh on impossible for me to add audio to films so I just decided to make nutty shorts where bad things happen.

So being that my girlfriend Juliet had just moved in I figured "what better time to make a throwback to the past?!" We wound up filming this thing over 3 seperate nights - during which time I filmed ALOT more footage than I needed. In my mind I couldn't quite figure out how I was going to cut it all together so I wound up pretty much filming each shot in about 3 different ways.

Anyhow 2 nights of the shoot featured Juliet in her dressing gown. Then she had decided to dye her hair black and we painted her face up too look as though she had no lips or eye brows and gowned her up for the dark creature. I filmed ALOT of footage of Juliet as the dark creature but in the end she just looked like Juliet with dark hair and make-up on. As you can see in the end I wound up taking the Steven Spielburg "Jaws" approach - and decided that less was more so you can barely see her face at all... apart from at the end. I wanted a goofy little moment with that fake fucking hand that I put in everything.

Editing took me a couple of days to do - at first I couldn't get properly motivated but once I got into the swing of it I was fairly pleased with myself. Originally I was planning on not using any music in the film but being that I had upgraded my editing software and being offered more audio tracks to work with I figured it might be a smooth move to add some music in... SO I DID!

Being that the picture quality wasn't as fantastic as it could be (being that we filmed at night) I figured that I really needed to work on the sound design of the piece. I would say about 90% of the audio in the film was added later - the hum of the lights and the dogs and crickets in the background I all added later to try and give the film a sense of atmosphere. Or else the whole film would pretty much have been mute. That'd suck.

In the end I think this thing came out pretty good - though in all honesty I can't actually tell if it's scary or not. I think it is but i've been so close to it and I know how goofy it was when we were shooting it that I can no longer seperate the experience of watching it with the experience of making it. Also i'm jaded by years of watching horror movies.

It's also interesting to note (for me anyways) that we filmed this thing without a script. We jotted down the broad strokes of the actions and then pretty much made up the rest.

I like this film.

P.S. The ringtone at the end of the film is the ringtone on my phone - for some reason it always makes me jump when I hear it.

The Hitch-Hikening
Short film
2 minutes, 33 seconds

AKA: "Black Coffee", "Lana the Goth V.S. Sasha the Goth", "When Goth's Collide"

This film came about for a variety of reasons. First and foremost my good friend Haley was visiting from the States and being that i'm a vicious bastard I make anyone who visits act in my films (Haley was all the female voices in "The Xmas Sentinel"). Of course having her be around for a short period of time meant that a big huge crazy shoot was out of the question - so being that Juliet had a car now I figured "Doi, lets shoot it in her car".

So all the dialogue was filmed in about an hour (in a carpark), we pretty much ran through the whole script in each take (In retrospect I should have done better with the writing) but it came out pretty good and we wrapped Haley (so to speak). About a week later Juliet and myself went out and about filming the car driving about - i'd made a basic list of shots I needed to get for it so it was fairly straight forward - and there it was - all the footage I needed.

As it goes this film was going to be part of a bigger film but being that all my films are fairly short to begin with - a 5 minute film with this single 2 and a half minute scene was just going to overwhelm it - so I kind of figure this works as it is by itself. Nothing really happens but in a sense I kind of dug the idea that this is kind of a snap shot of someones life at this moment. As though Lana the Goth really exists and when she's not chopping up her boyfriends she kind of drives about and picks up hitch-hikers.

Once again in retrospect I should maybe have had Lana try to run Sasha over at the end...

Also for the record there was going to be a lot more Adrian Fosbearry in this film as well... it was going to basically open up with Adrian saying "Hey Lana lets pick up that hitch-hiker... it could be fun", then Sasha sits on him for the bulk of the running time until at the end she leaves and Adrian is all like "Her Pussy smelt like death"... or something like that. But being that i'm a dunce I didn't get any of the footage with Lana talking to Adrian, and simply put I couldn't be arsed to go get it.

I like this film. I tried to open it up more than "Saturday Mourning" by trying to show more of the outside world... but in the process I guess I did just wind up making another film where a couple of people sit around talking for minutes on end.

I'm to sleepy to know how to end this commentary so i'm just going to stop.

The Unmade
7 minutes, 10 seconds

Bezerx Productions

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