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Adrian meets... Christopher Walken
Short film
13 minutes, 5 seconds

Spooky Times with Natasha Hull
3 minutes, 40 seconds

Adrian meets... Thomas and Jamie
Short film
2 minutes, 8 seconds

Adrian meets... Chloe
Short film
1 minute, 49 seconds

Old Shit with Jimmi. J
Outtakes and deleted scenes from
Lana the Goth: Romance is Dead
and Feeder
9 minutes, 37 seconds

Short film
9 minutes, 37 seconds

Directed by
Mark G. McFarlane

Edited by
Jimmi Johnson

Bezerx Productions

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Jimmi Johnson coded this in HTML because he refuses to learn any other programming languages. He currently edit's other peoples films and is still working desperately at making more of his own. This place is the place where the films he works on (and can share) go. He would very much appreciate a sandwich.

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