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Bezerx Productions Up to the minute news and information on all things Bezerx Productions.

Mark G. McFarlane Films My associates page. Many of my most recent projects have been in association with Mark.

Diamond Supper Films Mark G. McFarlanes evil alter ego's page. For when we don't want to be classy.

Lana the Goth All things Lana the Goth For the... 22 fans currently. I can tell you're impressed.

Occupy Midian The group surrounding "Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut" (that I edited). News, conversation and celebration.

Occupy Midian I am the editor on the extended "Cabal" cut of Clive Barker's "Nightbreed" and this site has information on various screenings and releases and things of that sort.

Jimmi Johnson Horror Film Editor This is my other website that I use for my editing work. It's not as nice as this one. Yet.

Colin Lacativa Colin Lacativa did the score for "Lana the Goth can't Save the World" and most recently "A Letter from Perdition". He makes awesome music and you should go enjoy it.

The A.V. Club Where I go to read reviews for things I like. Also articles!

Cracked Comedy list website that has educated me far more than would seem possible. Not to say I'm super smart now, but I have learned some stuff. Also it's funny.

Jezebel Articles and view points from a more feminist perspective.

Bezerx Productions

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Jimmi Johnson coded this in HTML because he refuses to learn any other programming languages. He currently edit's other peoples films and is still working desperately at making more of his own. This place is the place where the films he works on (and can share) go. He would very much appreciate a sandwich.

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