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10/JULY/2013 - ALMOST, ALMOST...

Just need to do the barest slither of work on the music page then I can upload it, then I can get back to focussing on making stuff to put on here... as opposed to just reveling in past glories.

SPEAKING OF REVELING IN PAST GLORIES.... Remember that time I was working on that film "Nightbreed: The Cabal Cut" and Total Film rated it number 14 in there top 30 extended cuts? Then check this out.

I edited that thing. I know in no uncertain terms that my editing had the least to do with it's success, but... check it out.

I remember this one time in science class at school, the teacher told us his claim to fame was knowing a band that played at Glastonbury. I just wonder if I'm someone elses claim to fame now. It's not even like an ego thing on my part, it's just a weird thing to consider.

"Claim to fame" is a very strange phrase and I don't think I'll be using it again.


Well the music page is almost done. Then that can be updated and the world will be more beautiful for it.

You know I was getting used to the idea that this year was going to be strongly Autumnal. Hell I welcomed it.

Then it got hot... then I spent the last couple of days driven feverish by the heat. Like an OLD old school zombie shuffling my way around committing chores and whatnot. Today is cooler, and much like a computer my brain functions better when it's being blasted with blizzardous conditions.

You know theres only a couple weeks over 3 months to Halloween!

O.K. That's enough here. I need breakflunch.

6/JULY/2013 - MUSIC!

So today I began getting the music page sorted. It's not quite there yet because I have to locate CERTAIN assets.

But it will be done soon... then there will be music and dancing and laughter.


Once again my associate Mr. McFarlane took care of designing these bad boys... though I slapped text onto the Kitty Dicks album cover because I am a fucking mother fucker.

In truth during 2011 when I went about not making any films (though working on "Nightbreed") I wound up spending much of my down time experimenting with making music, which is how my E.P. came about. I won't lie to you it's not great, but there are 3 or 4 tracks I like! Guess which!

The Lana the Goth saga album is really just a complete collection of all the music Mark has done for the films over the years... because we are secretly conjoined twins I guess!

5/JULY/2013 - POSTERS!

Oh yeah so here are some poster done by my compadre Mark G. McFarlane for the films that he made that I worked on. Although "Trautman" is listed in the 2013 I need to fix the link... because Mark's hosting it and there's a whole thing with the settings. You don't need to know.


As I said before "Trautman" is finished. "The Quiet Season" is on the last stages of post-production and "A Letter from Perdition" is even closer. SO CLOSE YOU GUYS! Once "A Letter from Perdition" has started doing the rounds at festivals and such I also have a 28 minute behind the scenes documentary I shot for it called "The Last Post". To lift the proverbial curtain on just how these films get made, and how unglamorous the process really is.

For EVEN MORE UP TO DATE news on these projects visit Mark G. McFarlane Films on facebook HERE!.


So I still have to do the music page (but no one is missing that... or I guess anything really) but I figured I'd get this tiny behemoth online sooner rather than later.

Otherwise how are you doing? Sexy I bet. I appreciate when someone goes to the effort to look nice when viewing this website.


No I live in England, I don't celebrate the 4th of July. If I celebrated it, it would be kind of like me saying "HEY AMERICA I'M GLAD TO BE RID OF YOU!". I simply don't feel that passionately about it.

Anyways here we have another freshly updated website. I know we've been here before with talk of frequent updates and such. Honestly the way I designed the old site - though pretty- it made it a nightmare to update. This one I made far more simply. I can just slap updates all over this thing willy nilly, no problem! I don't know why I'm bragging about this.

So I'm kind of tired, this website is taking longer than I'd anticipated and I haven't eaten yet today.

I fear the madness encroaches.

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